North korea raises prospect of detaining south 더킹카지노koreans with no prospect of granting citizenship. —@TNS_KimSoo

Kim, an immigrant from South Korea, joined the government in 2004 and is the governor of Jongno, the capital of North Pyongan Province, where she is seen as close to President Moon Jae-in’s administration.

Korean law requires that the governor is an elected official and not the president.

“We will try to make Kim’s case clear to the president, but we will not make a decision based on reports or a public opinion poll,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho Young-cheol said on Saturday.

North Korea o우리카지노n Thursday announced it had completed an all-court-trial ruling against four American citizens who were 더킹카지노detained by Pyongyang’s authorities.

The decision, on whether to extradite Hwang Pyong-so and Kim Dong-chul, was announced in a speech by North Korea’s supreme leader at the start of the National Day holiday.

The U.S. had previously suggested that the four men could receive a pardon for their crimes and had said that if the case was successful, they might also receive public service contracts in their home country of South Korea.

The four men were held in North Korea on suspicion of embezzlement, forgery, fraud and related crimes, including allegedly ordering another to defraud, the ministry said.